Sylvanian Families Fennec Fox Family

Mother Sharon Fennec is one of the most positive people you will ever meet and she tackles everything in life with great enthusiasm. Sharon is a celebrated children’s author and writes the most wonderful picture books. She creates all her own artwork for her stories, painting beautiful watercolours that really bring her imaginative tales to life.
Father Ronald Fennec is an ideas man, and like his wife approaches any task with huge enthusiasm. He's incredibly creative and works as a sand artist, creating beautiful sculptures and pictures. He is very proud to use all natural materials in his work and is never happier than when spending time playing with his children in their sandpit in the back garden.

Twin babies Allie & Kaya Fennec are still very small, and are only just learning how to sit up on their own. To help them always be comfortable and able to join in with the rest of their siblings, their parents designed them their very own double pushchair. The seat backs are fox-shaped just like Allie & Kaya, and they love sitting in their special stroller watching everything the rest of their family are up to, waiting for the day they’re big enough to join in.