At Lollipop’s we know a thing or two about kids! 

With over 1 million kids per year visiting our indoor playcentres all around Australia we understand
what kids love, how they learn and what delights them. Our philosophy encourages children to learn through play in an age appropriate, safe and fun way.

As parents we know you want to offer your children quality, educational toys to help them develop and grow into their best selves. And so do we.

That’s why we are excited to bring you Lollipop’s Toys! Our extensive collection of quality toys offers a range to suit kids of all ages and all budgets. We stock a range of popular brands your children know and love as well as show-stopping gifts!

Whether your child is into construction or cars, puzzles or pretend play, sensory or STEM we are sure to have something they will love. 

At Lollipop’s Toys you are not only buying from a well-known national brand, but also from other parents just like you.