Sylvanian Families Courtyard Home Gift Set


The Courtyard Home Gift set contains a large house with a courtyard and a sky-blue roof.  The set also comes with Floral Cat father, mother, and baby.  Plus lots of furniture and accessories.

Set contains: Courtyard Home, Ladder, Entrance Gate, Railing (L) x2, Railing (S) x2, Awning, Kitchen island with sink, Stand mixer, Waffle & Donut maker, Waffle plate x2, Donut plate x2, Ladle, Waffle (house), Waffle (flower), Donut x2, Bowl of eggs, Wheat flour, Mixing Bowl, Scale, Plate, Milk, Garden Table, Table Top, Garden Chair x4, Bed, Bedspread, Shower, Bathtub, Toilet, Floral Cat Father, Floral Cat Mother, Floral Cat Baby

Ages: 3+