Sylvania Families Husky Twins


Baby sister Amber Husky is forever gurgling and giggling while pulling funny faces. Her family can't help but smile when they look at that adorable little face, and her newborn siblings love to spend time with their big sister. Amber loves to play games with the triplets and keep them entertained, peek-a-boo is her favourite.

Baby brother Jeremy Husky
 loves playing outside with his twin sister. His pride and joy is his toy train, which he loves to push around while Amber rides on the train seat. Jeremy is also very proud to be a big brother, even though he's not that much older than the triplets really. He likes to take care of his little siblings, something that his father is actively encouraging - he thinks Jeremy may grow up to be a teacher.

Ride on train can tow the triplets sledge (sold separately).

Other figures seen in images can be purchased separately.