Mad Mattr activity Set (Ice Cream Shop)

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We all scream for Mad Mattr ice cream!

  • Compound, compress and create cool ice creams
  • Scoop in a dollop or two of Mad Mattr
  • To create your own imaginative desserts!
  • Make an epic ice cream dessert for your family and friends with this Mad Mattr Activity Set Ice Cream Shop!

    Your kit contains everything you need to make your own pretend tasty creations at home, from Mad Mattr moulding compound!

    What's your favourite? Vanilla, Strawberry or Tropical Swirl? Swirl and mix the colours to create cool ice cream "flavours"!

    Follow the instructions to mould your kinetic sand-like material into shape. It never dries out, making clean up and storage a breeze!

    It's a great imaginative activity for the school holidays or a rainy weekend. Don't forget the toppings!

    Your kit includes:

    • 170g of Mad Mattr moulding compound that can be compacted into shape (pink, orange and white)
    • 1 x Scoop, popsicle stick and popsicle mould
    • 2 x Ice cream cones and 1 x single scoop mould
    • 1 x Safe cutting tool and instructions

    Note: Your Mad Mattr has a consistency somwhere between Play-Doh and Kinetic Sand.

    Recommended for ages 4 and up.

    Not intended to be eaten, though it is non-toxic (made in Sweden).