CubiMag Magnetic Puzzle

Map out your steps to solve the puzzle, and make sure your mind is calm when you begin solving these interesting puzzles. This unique CubiMag Magnet Puzzle is all about exercising your brain for improved memory power, keeping an active mind, and improving speed or agility. It is a multicolour puzzle. The puzzle cubes of this puzzle are magnetic and will stick to each other comfortably. Besides this, practising and playing the game also betters logic skills, space vision, and concentration. Children will be thrilled to indulge in this interesting game that offers 3 different levels: Easy, Medium, and Advanced. They can solve the challenges alone or along with their friends and siblings. They can also have a small competition among themselves to make the gameplay even more interesting. It offers more than 138 challenges to keep your brain indulged and working. CubiMag Magnetic Puzzle is recommended for children of ages 6 years and above