Marvel Hero’s STEM Science Putty Assorted

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by PMG
Create, learn, and develop with Marvel Hearos STEAM Science Putty! Assorted putty includes 4 different hero putties to collect. Each container includes a below-the-science insert so you can discover the secret science behind the putty! Includes: Black Panther - UV Reaction: Black Panther's putty reacts to UV light and changes colour to purple – just like his suit when reacting to kinetic energy!  Iron Man - Heat Reactive: Iron Man's putty reacts to the heat of your hands, changing from red to yellow - The more you play the bigger the change!  Hulk - Gamma Glow: Hulk's putty will glow in the dark after being exposed to UV light, just like a gamma-irradiated object would! Captain America - Vibranium Elasticity: Captain America's vibranium putty will bounce and fly across the room when thrown. You can even make it into a disc just like his shield!